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Stage Vs Clinical Hypnosis

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I've seen a number of FB discussions as to the benefits of using Stage hypnosis techniques in a hypnotherapy session.
Personally,  I think that stage hypnotists have a distinct advantage over pure  "clinical" hypnotherapists. I believe that there range of skills,  ability to manage trance states, react and respond to feedback is  developed to a much greater sense. There are 3 distinct areas to  consider:
1. The outcome. This is a really easy one to address. Stage = entertainment, clinical = therapeutic intervention.
2.  The ability of the practitioner. Again, stage hypnotists have to be  skilled to a high level, as initially they're dealing with possibly 20  people at once, and thinning them out to around 8-10. A clinical  hypnotherapist only has to deal with the person in front of them.
3.  The ethical and moral stance of the practitioner (Both stage and  Clinical). I personally have refused to work with clients who I feel  would benefit more from professionally qualified medical help. I know my  own limits, and stick to them. I trust my unconscious to tell me if I  can work with someone.

Some of you will disagree with me, (I hope so!). This is just my opinion and in no way meant to be factual.

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