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So, here's a perfect example of the  synthesis of public speaking and NLP. I recently delivered a 2 day  presentation sills course to a group of 5 employees at a local company.  Skill sets ranged from already comfortable to pure terror!
The  student who told me at the start of the course "Whenever I have to stand  up and speak in front of people I panic. My palms go clammy, I get  bright red patches, my breathing rate increases. It's like a full blown  panic attack". (Not the exact words, but you get the idea!).
I  then delivered the section on the NLP communications model, about how  we process information, and how our behaviours are influenced by our  past experiences, memories, values and beliefs etc.
I then  used a very simple version of perceptual positions with the scared  student. I allowed her to experience what it would be like to be  confident, control her breathing, feel comfortable, etc. To be honest, I  was unsure how much of an effect the exercise would have. I knew it  would help, but no to what extent.
To cut a long blog post  very short, when she stood up and delivered her final presentation at  the end of day 2, not only did she appear 100% confident, she had none  of the symptoms she described to the group on day 1, and managed to sing  a few verses of a song she had learned as part of being a drama  student.
The group were so shocked, that it became quite an emotional event, and definitely a great result all round.

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Steve Adams
2020-02-12 11:18:40
One of the useful tips to run when speaking is know your audience.
If you are speaking in front of an audience, there is usually a reason. Know who you are speaking to and what they want or need to take away. If it's friends and family, entertain them. If it's a corporate event, teach and inspire them. Knowing the demographic of the audience is imperative. It's also crucial not to get hung up on the fact that some people in the audience might know more than you about certain parts of your presentation. That's perfectly fine. If they thought they were better than you, then they wouldn't have turned up anyway!

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