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I created a separate category for NLP simply because most of my friends  are from the NLP world initially, and have branched out into other  therapies such as Hypnosis, CBT,EMDR,EFT etc. There seems to be a lot of  negativity towards NLP, which I think stems from bad trainers, less  than adequate training techniques and generally poor input.
My  philosophy for all things, including NLP is that if it works for a  person, that's great, no arguments. If you're working with a client,  friend, partner and they say "stop doing that NLP rubbish on me", then  you've clearly not quite grasped the concept of NLP in that it should  ideally become an unconscious process, not conscious. I'm being a little  harsh here, as I know it took me about 3 years to really get to grips  with Master prac techniques, and begin to use them on a daily basis at  an unconscious level.

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