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One of the most common traits of nervous presenters is the speed at which they manage to deliver their words! It's like the formula 1 of the communications world, where every word, sentence and paragraph has to be delivers as quickly as possible. The reason is, the end game is to get it over with. Be done and be able to go back to doing the everyday things.
Unfortunately, it does the speaker a huge disservice. Audiences need time to process and think about what you are saying, and maybe think about questions they have, or how what you're saying matches their idea, or conflicts with their ideas. Giving them time to process the information is vital. You can achieve this if you:
Speak more slowly than you would normally. To practice, create your 2 minute introduction, grab your video camera/phone, and record the first run at normal speaking pace. Now, record it whilst counting 1 elephant 2 elephant between each word. This will be a challenge! What you will discover is that somewhere between these 2 methods is your ideal speaking speed.
So now, add 1 elephant, 2 elephant, 3 elephant, 4 elephant at the end of each sentence/paragraph. Repeat and video. Review and feedback.

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