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It's a well-known fact that most people hate seeing themselves on camera, whether it's a still or a video. As a speaker/presenter it's absolutely essential to become comfortable with how you look and sound on camera. Your voice will never sound like it's you. This is because we hear ourselves differently to those externally, which means we will always sound different when we hear our recorded voice.
Most people now have a video capable smartphone, with good to excellent image quality. Use the video to record yourself delivering your talk. Once you have recorded the first "take", then review the video and give yourself feedback on what you could do differently the next time.
Because it's a live video, and you are delivering the feedback to yourself, it's way more effective than having a coach or trainer give feedback. A coach or trainers feedback will always be subjective, and based their map of the world, not yours. As a challenge, prepare a short presentation, about 2 minutes, (an introduction to yourself is always useful), then record it, review and feedback. Repeat 10 times. Finally, watch the 10th "take", then rewatch the 1st "Take" and notice the difference. This is a great way to really improve your presenting skills.

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