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I'm often asked to explain what is "Applied Hypnosis". For me, hypnosis  is not just about "fixing " stuff. As a generalisation, most people  divide hypnosis into 1 of 3 categories. Stage, clinical, and self. Those  definitions are okay up to a point, but they don't really portray how  useful hypnosis is in a much wider context.
Hypnosis can be applied  to any area where there is a thought process driving the outcome.  Athletes rehearse a race hundreds of time mentally before getting  anywhere near the track, golfers mentally rehearse their shots before hitting the ball. There's hundreds more examples.
These are  all scenarios that require mental rehearsal, and are therefore perfect  for the application of hypnosis. You'll find that a lot of people will  just dismiss this idea and say it's "just thinking about it". Well, yes  it is, and hypnosis can be used to direct that thought process, helping  the unconscious mind to really prepare and achieve the outcome. So,  applied hypnosis is just taking the concept of hypnosis, whatever your  definition of that might be, and applying it to areas of your life that   maybe need a few tweaks here and there to achieve your goals.

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