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Training - Steve Adams
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When I talk to people about NLP, if they've never heard of it I find  that's the best response. If they have, then NLP is a bit like Marmite.  They either love it, or they hate it. If they hate it, I don't generally  waste much time trying to convince them. I know people who have spent  around an hour trying to convince someone of the benefits of NLP, and  failed miserably! In fact, in some cases it's made it worse. I believe  that if NLP is "sold" in the right way, i.e. not pushy, not making it  out to be a "cure all", and done in a way which invites people to  experience the benefits, then it then becomes soemthing people want,  rather than reject.
I also believe that as you become more skilled  at using NLP, it becomes an unconscious process, working for you every  day, all the time, without you really having to consciously think about  structure and process. I believe that if someone can detect you're  "doing" NLP, then you need to practice some more, and then practice even  more, until it becomes an unconscious process.  I know from my  experience of delivering training at Master Practitioner level, when it  becomes an unconscious process, it's like a light bulb moment. That  doesn't mean that after you have achieved your outcome, you can't then  review the process consciously. I often reflect on experiences and think  "Oh, that was neurological levels", or whatever "technique " I think it  was.

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