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Is meditation bad for you?

Training - Steve Adams
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New Scientist 12th August 2020 article - "Studies show that about 1 in  12 people who try meditation experience an unwanted negative effect,  usually a worsening in depression or anxiety, or even the onset of these  conditions for the first time,"  Interesting read backed up by research  from 55 studies. Written by Clare Wilson.

I posted this on facebook, and of not surprisingly poked a hornets nest! Opinions were differening, some very defensive, and some not so much. I have to say i'm a believer in science. I know stats can be manipulated, and science can be " moulded", but when you have 55 case studies, all published in scientific journals all saying the same thing then i find that hard to dismiss, whatever my personal beleif system. Some of the stidies showed that meditation casued andxiety, and even depression in some of the participants. If I remember correctly it was 1 in 12. That doesn't mean meditation is bad, it means that we need to be aware that even good things can have negative results for some people. Holding the belief that we're all different works for me! There is no one size fits all when it comes to human beings.

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