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"The audience won’t remember much about what you said, but they'll remember how you made them feel"
This is such a true quote, and a great maxim to apply to speaking. Using personal stories is a great way to make a real connection with your audiences. People will have had similar experiences, and as they connect with those experiences they will generate emotions, and strong feelings based around your story. The key is to make the story connect directly to your message. The technique is the same as story writers use to create films/books. There's a good guy, a bad guy, a hero, tragedy, redemption etc., and these scenarios can all be applied to your speaking sessions. Using metaphors is also a great way to connect, and to help audiences understand what might be a complex topic. Giving them a "real life example" of the "thing" in action is much more powerful than saying "This thing is great and you should all get one". A great way to introduce a story/metaphor is simply to say "Let me give you an example of that"....

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