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"Think progress, not perfection."

Ryan Holiday

"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
George Bernard Shaw

These courses are currently on hold due to Covid19 limitations. They will however appear on the Meetup group in the future. If you would like to check out the current list of training opportunities, click here:

Communication Skills

Communication skills are an essential part of our everyday lives, and can, at times, prove to be "challenging". This 1 day course provides an insight into how you can improve your communication skills at work, with friends, family and partners. Develop your communication skills to a new level, making use of NVC (Non Verbal Communication), and refining your sensory awareness to allow you to communicate on many different levels.

  • By the end of the session you will be able to:-
  • Create great rapport with individuals, groups, and audiences.
  • Understand how NVC (Non Verbal Communication) is key to confidence & Rapport
  • Use NVC in 1 to 1 and group interactions to deliver their message
  • Discover how everyone uses individual patterns to create effective communication
  • Explore the concept of NLP based linguistics
  • Make use of clean language technique. (A linguistic tool developed by the late David Grove)
  • Create/break rapport with individuals/groups

and more........

NLP Training
Presentation Skills

A 2 day course for beginners or experienced presenters. The classroom environment is informative, supportive and friendly, with the emphasis on allowing you to explore and develop new skills. Even experienced presenters have "nerves" and would love to know how to manage their "state" before and during a presentation and for those with a fear of presenting, this course gives you some tools and techniques you can learn really easily, and begin to enjoy making presentations.
There are a number of state management personal development tools demonstrated and delivered during the course, and lots of practical experience provided.

  • By the end of the session you will be able to:-
  • Deliver presentations with confidence in both content and ability to deliver
  • Understand how to manage speaking space
  • Deal with audience questions effectively
  • Create powerful engaging presentations
  • Manage audience states
  • Use NVC (Non Verbal Communication) to engage with an audience
  • Understand how to use presentation software effectively (This is NOT an I.T. course!)
  • understand and manage their speaker state

Explore and understand how to deal with nerves and increase self confidence
and more.......

Steve Adams
Advanced  Trainer

For existing trainers, newly certified trainers and teachers. Learn how to make use of language patterns, NVC(Non Verbal Communication) and many more "covert" rapport creation techniques.

By the end of the 2 days you will be able to:-
  • Use linguistic tools and patterns to enhance your delivery and rapport
  • Understand how to manage speaking space
  • Understand and use neurological Schemas to ensure learners are receptive to your message
  • Develop and use "clean language" to encourage othersto explore topics more fully.
  • Manage audience states
  • Use NVC (Non Verbal Communication) to engage with an audience
  • Become aware of different personality types and adapt your own behaviour to match
  • Make more effective use of NLP based rapport skillls
  • and more........

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