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"Change your thinking, change your life."

Ernest Holmes

Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Next available dates:  Thursday  December 3rd to Monday december 7th 2020 -  10am to 4.30pm

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There  are two types of hypnosis. Stage and clinical. Steve has performed as a stage hypnotist to demonstrate the awesome power of hypnosis to unlock the creativity of the unconscious mind. Volunteers are given the opportunity to unleash their creativity in a way they may never have thought possible. The same hypnosis tools can be applied to hypnotherapy, guiding the client towards their own solutions for their current  issues and problems. The 5 day course gives you a taste of both stage and clinical hypnosis, and helps you begin your journey as a hypnotherapist.
You will also learn some self hypnosis techniques, which can be used to alleviate stress, poor sleep patterns and much more.
It is highly recommended that you also undertake at least some basic NLP training in addition to the 5 day hypnosis course, which will give you an even greater set of skills, and the confidence to deal with clients.
On completion you will be eligible to join the C.M.A and obtain discounted insurance rates.

The live trainings are currently on hold due to the Corona Virus situation, but feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or join us on our Meetup group

Sign up and save!
The current cost for a certified hypnotherapy course, delivered online in a "Live" online training is £1050. I offer a 20% discount if you introduce another student at full cost. This reduces the cost to £840, a saving off £210. All students have this discount opportunity.

If you invest in both the certified NLP & Hypnotherapy courses, then you will qualify for a 25% discount. The full cost would be £2150, but with 25% discount you save £537.50, and recieve both accredited and certified courses for just £1612!
Payment plans are available.

Steve Adams
The course uses a mixture of theory and plenty of practical  exercises to ensure you leave the course confident in your abilities as a hypnotist. Most students go on to become successsful hypnotherapists, and a small number apply their new skills to stage hypnosis. There is quite a considerable amount of post course work, a written exam, and case studies to be completed before certification. This is a very intensive course, which requires a considerable amount of commitment.
The course syllabus includes, but is not limited to:

This 5 day course will be delivered online, using Zoom. Successful students will be entitled to attend a "live" Induction training weekend in 2021 when Covid restrictions are relaxed sufficiently to allow classroom delivery, for just £100. (normally £550)

To allow students to gain knowledge of hypnotherapy and practical applications of hypnosis, and to set up as a safe, competent and legal practising hypnotherapist.

Course outcomes:
• Understand and experience hypnosis and its application
• Use hypnosis tools and techniques to work with a range of issues
• Understand the barriers to hypnosis
• Overview of the UK Law and hypnosis
• Understand and apply health and safety procedures
• Understand the limits of the certification and competency levels
• Develop and implement Milton pattern language use.
• Create and implement a full client session
Understand how to create an appropriate client intervention
• Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate methodologies
• Engage in continuous professional development


• Current Health and Safety legislation in relation to holistic therapy
• Insurance and legal requirements
• Environmental and premises considerations
• Understanding the requirements of GDPR
• Safeguarding and vulnerable adult considerations
• Working within competence level and the importance of CPD

Client Interaction
• Initial client consultation structure and content
• Delivering online sessions (Health and safety issues)
• Creating rapport with potential clients
• Explanation of hypnosis and the process of hypnotherapy
• Importance of working within competency limits
• Creating an intervention plan appropriate to the client’s needs
• What level / type of after care and support is available
• Setting appropriate outcomes / intervention methods
• Taking client details
The therapist client relationship (expectations of both)
• Contra- indications (when not to use hypnosis)
• Confidentiality factors

Hypnosis techniques
• History of hypnosis
• Erickson, Estabrooks, and Elman methodologies
• Definition of hypnosis and trance
• Difference between stage and clinical hypnosis
• What constitutes a successful hypnotherapist
• The importance of being client focussed and not self-focussed
• Conscious / subconscious disassociation technique
• Stages of hypnosis recognising different levels of trance
• Progressive (Maternal) and Authoritarian(Paternal) approaches.
• Using utilisation - environmental, Internal and verbal examples
• Waking a client from hypnosis safely
• Hypnotic language patterns – creating scripts
• Using suggestibility tests where appropriate.
• Inductions – progressive and rapid.
• Selecting appropriate deepening techniques
• Introduction to metaphors as a key tool in change-work.
• Pre and post suggestions to ensure the clients wellbeing
• Using client resources to effect required changes.
• Awareness of other intervention techniques
• Using ideomotor responses as a communication method
Dealing with abreactions safely
• Post – hypnotic suggestions

• Both summative and formative assessments throughout the course.
• A final written exam containing 25 questions, duration 3 hrs. (90% pass rate)
• 3 fully documented case studies, 2 with a minimum of 3 sessions (including Consultation)

Course Materials
These may include: (But are not limited to)
• Course Manual
• PowerPoint presentations
• Videos
• Worksheets
• Downloadable documents related to client details, specific information such as GDPR and record keeping

Payment Details
Payment plans are available
Payment by bank transfer preferred.
PayPal optional (Additional PayPal fee)

Discount of 20% available for introduction of full cost student.
Discount of 25% when purchasing Hypnotherapy and NLP practitioner training together. Total cost: £1612.00, saving £537.50.
Who is the training for?
This training is available to anyone interested in having a career as a hypnotherapist. A precourse interview will be required to assess suitability for the course, and no guarantee is provided post course in relation to setting up and running a successful therapy business.

How Long is the Course?
The course overall is 5 days online training with a tutor present at all sessions.There is some precourse learning, and post course work including 5 case studies (multi session) and a written exam (90% pass mark). You will also be required to undertake a practical assessments whilst working with  clients.
There is also an element of self study (portfolio) required to complete the course.

If you would like to find out more about this course Contact Steve

The course runs with a maximum of 20 students, and a minimum of 8. If you would like to register an interest to be notified when numbers are sufficient, please email.

Hypnosis Presentation
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