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"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

Stephen Hawking

All the learning materials that accompany our courses can be purchased here
The resources below are all in the public domain and freely available on the Internet.

View - Conversational Hypnosis by Influence Mastery Inc.
View - Hypnosis and Suggestion - Scientific study of hypnosis. Old book published by E.W.Scripture, Yale university
View - Hypnosis for healing and health - John Krukowski
View - Hypnosis research - a collection of scientific abstracts for the hypnotherapy practitioner
View - Hypnosis scripts - Created by graduates of the American School of Hypnosis. Worth a look
View - Hypnotherapy - An Exploratory Casebook.   Milton Erickson & Ernest Rossi
View - Hypnotherapy certification training manual. Used by the American board of Hypnosis. Lots of useful resources.
View - Hypnotherapy for Dummies. One of the classic dummies books - worth a read.
View - Hypnotic magazine - 1897. Interesting old book with many references to current techniques and ideas.
View - Hypnotic Realities. - Milton Erickson
View - Hypnotize This! - A small book on general hypnosis and hypnotherapy applications. Easy to read.
View - KTM - Key to the Mind - Richard Nongard ( Stage & Clinical hypnotist) General hypnosis techniques.
View - Manipulation - A. Thomas Perhacs. Covert persuasion and Hypnotic Influence
View - Nature of Hypnosis - Erickson & Rossi. An in depth look at the concept of hypnosis.
View - Covert hypnosis - Steve Jones. Interesting book written by a well known stage and street hypnotist
View - The Art of Covert Hypnosis - Steven Peliari. An in depth look at some of the more covert hypnosis techniques
View - Hypnosis stage show/Demo risk assessment. Please don't use it as a direct copy, amend and make it your own
View - Stage show poster - Text that should be included if you are conforming to the 1952 Hypnosis Act
View - Hypnotherapy National Occupational Standards
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