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"Introduction to Applied Hypnosis"
Learn how hypnosis can be used to develop confidence, change behaviours, change habits and much more

"Running A Successful Hypnosis demonstration"
Learn how to put together and run a demonstration of hypnosis, and attract new clients.
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Hypnotherapy Certification


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Who, What and How Much?

What kind of training is it?
There are two types of hypnosis. Stage and clinical. Steve performs as a stage hypnotist to demonstrate the awesome power of hypnosis to unlock the creativity of the unconscious mind. Volunteers are given the opportunity to unleash their creativity in a way they may never have thought possible.  The same hypnosis tools can be applied to hypnotherapy, guiding the client towards solutions for their current issues and problems. It is highly recommended that you also undertake at least some basic NLP training, which will give you an even greater set of skills, and the confidence to deal with clients. The 4 day course gives you a taste of both stage and clinical hypnosis, and helps you begin your journey as a hypnotherapist.
You can even attend a weekend of NLP training completely FREE by clicking this link. Find Out More...

Who is the training for?
Steve delivers hypnotherapy training courses in Herefordshire, in the Midlands, and also on behalf of Toby and Kate McCartney, an NLP training company based in London and Scotland. Two courses take place annually at the Novotel Hotel, Tower Bridge. The course consists of 4 days of intensive hypnotherapy training, leading to certification as a hypnotherapist. This course includes some online learning, and a final written exam.

What's the training format?
The 4 day course uses a mixture of theory and plenty of practical exercises to ensure you leave the course confident in your abilities as a hypnotist. Most students go on to become successsful hypnotherapists, and a small number apply their new skills to stage hypnosis.

The course syllabus includes, but is not limited to::
  • History of hypnosis
  • Myths of hypnosis
  • The UK law in relation to hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis
  • Health and safety consideartions
  • Suggestibility tests
  • Rapid, progressive and instant inductions
  • Using hypnosis in business/sports/personal developiment contexts
  • Running a client session from start to finish

How much does it cost?
A 4 day certified hypnotherapist course costs £900 with Steve.
To enquire about London based courses, please visit Toby & Kate's website here.

To enquire about booking Steve for your event, or a talk/demonstration of hypnosis please click here
Key to the Mind
What Our Past Clients Are Saying.....

"Thank  you again for yet another brilliant 4 days hypnotherapy training. You  really are so incredibly talented and make learning fun. The time just  flew by. Hopefully see you soon x"
Suzanne Clarke (Newly certified hypnotherapist)

"Hi Steve,
thanks for a fantastic course and all your support, I really enjoyed it and feel very empowered by it, too. What a lovely mixture of people."

Sharon Basson (newly certified hypnotherapist)

"A year goes by so quickly... enjoying this journey and a personal thank you to my boy Steve Adams for being simply put an amazing human being... simples!"
Helder (Personal Trainer)

"Here's to say a massive thank you to Steve Adams for a first class course professionally presented by an extremely competent trainer and awesome hypnotherapist - Steve you're FABLUS."
Debs (Certified trainer of NLP & Hypnotherapist)

"Hi Steve. Thank you so much for an amazing 4 days.  You are so inspiring fun and talented. Love your training style and your open and honest approach. Truly feeling motivated as you and others have given me the kick up the arse I've needed."
Kate (NLP trainer & personal coach)

"I found the experience of this class fascinating. It was mind blowing at times, intense, exhausting, but so worth it.
I left on Day 3 never wanting to go near hypnotherapy again (having been somewhat emotionally rattled by one particular practise session.) For me, allowing somebody else to own even a modicum of my control is normally a major no-no. I think my, later, emotional reaction was partly to do with the context of the practise session, but also the shock of me letting go enough to be in the (albeit safe) hands of someone else. Quite the revelation!
I left Day 4 feeling awesome about the course and, genuinely, now have complete confidence in myself as a hypnotherapist. I've quite surprised myself actually.
I went into Day 1 fairly skeptical, but open minded enough to want to listen and learn; I came out with an unexpected keenness to pursue hypnotherapy and already have a queue forming of people to practise on.
Two very happy thumbs up (if thumbs can indeed be happy.) ??????"
Jo (NLP practitioner)

"What a wonderful 4 days I've just spent with some fantabulous new friends and some just as fantabulous old ones...oh and Steve.
Steve Adams is a fantastic Hypnotherapy guide and teacher; he is down to earth, extremely thorough regarding the hypnotic techniques, methods and information; I felt completely relaxed and safe in his class; plus his jokes are ok too.
I have come away from his class feeling confident in my new found skills and ready to begin to practice the methods he passed on to us.
In my opinion, if you are considering a hypnotherapy course you could not choose a better practitioner of the Hypnotic arts to study with."
Simon ( NLP Master Practitioner)

"Fantastic 4 days at Hypno with some truly amazing people. Thank you to the wonderful Steve Adams who's fun engaging style had us laughing, crying and learning. #crushonsteve
Loved the group, the pace, the activities and can't wait to use hypnosis to enhance people's lives. Thank you. X"
Kate (NLP Master Practitioner)

"What a great experience! ???? A MUST HAVE COURSE!!! Absolutely loved and enjoyed this long and very interesting weekend with our lovely and professional mentor Steve Adams ??
Won't gonna lie - there were shocking first two days as my eyes and mind rejected to believe what I saw ????
And I don't even consider myself to be a skeptic person!!
There are plenty of practical exercises combined together with some theory *(books are provided).
I met some really AMZING people, discovered A LOT OF new and very interesting things to myself and the most important thing - had GREAT FUN! ??
Many many thanks to Steve and to an amazing group of people that I've met - we had a good laugh together"
Ruta (NLP practitioner)
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