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Learning about NLP can be an incredible journey. Meeting and sharing knowledge with others, becoming part of a lifelong community is something that every person can aspire to. My courses range from a very simple 2 day taster, at very little cost, to becoming a certified practitioner and maybe even running your own therapy or coaching business.Please use the menu below to select a course to discover more.
NLP (The Begining of Your Journey)

NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) has been described as "A user manual for the Brain". It's a collection of tools that can be used to explore and enhance the way we think, behave and communicate. The 2 days will give you a great insight into NLP, and you will receive a certificate of attendance on completion. No experience necessary, just a notebook, open mind and a sense of humour is all that is required.

This course will cover:
  • History of NLP
  • The NLP Communications model
  • Cause and Effect
  • The 4 pillars of NLP
  • Avoiding content imposition
  • Communications Model
  • Conscious Vs Unconscious mind
  • How we create our internal Maps
  • Four steps to learning
  • Using Peripheral vision
  • Presuppositions of NLP
  • Linguistic presuppositions
  • Submodalities & Eye Accessing Patterns
  • Representational systems
  • Sensory acuity
  • Creating rapport
  • Pacing and leading
  • Communications theory and NVC
  • Perceptual positions
  • Neurological levels
  • Anchoring
  • Spelling strategy
  • Exploring strategies for success
  • Introduction to clean language
  • Open frame / Question & Answer session

This is a great way to see how much you ilke NLP, and gain an understanding of how it can be useful in a wide range of contexts.

Course fee is just £50, refundable with an NLP practitioner/Hypnotherapy Practitioner booking

NLP Practitioner
This is currently an instructor led online training course using Zoom as a delivery platform. The sessions will be recorded for students to review material, and re-access whenever required.

This course is approved and accredited by the C.M.A. (Complimentary medical Association). On successful completion students are eligible to become members of the C.M.A, which has a number of benefits including discounted insurance through Balens, a popular therapist insurer. You will a become a certified NLP practitioner on successful completion of the course.

Who is eligible?
Ideally you will have completed the foundation NLP training before enrolling for this course. Check out the events on meetup for the next available foundation course.

Duration / Timing
5 days (currently online training) + (2 days foundation Skills)
Times 11am to 4pm
Assessment by Written exam and observation during practical sessions. (90% pass mark)

Course Outline:
What is NLP
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy.
It is a set of techniques for dealing with unwanted habits, changing beliefs, setting goals and changing unwanted behaviours and behaviours, both at a personal level and in others.
NLP has been described as "A user Guide for the Brain", and focuses your thinking to maximise your journey to excellence, in whatever area you choose.
Many people complete an NLP journey for personal development reasons, to achieve success at what they do, whereas others use NLP to become holistic therapists, helping others to achieve their goals.

These are some of the topics that will be covered during your course:

  • Outcome setting
  • Representational systems and sub-modalities
  • Understanding the conscious and unconscious mind
  • Language patterns
  • Anchors and state management
  • Strategies
  • Time based techniques
  • Neurological levels model
  • Values and Beliefs
  • Swish pattern technique
  • Phobia removal
  • Re-framing
  • Perceptual positions
  • The Disney Strategy
  • Using Metaphors
  • Introduction to NLP modelling
  • Setting up as an NLP practitioner

Post Course
Free access to all zoom NLP training sessions for 12 months from date of completion.
Reduced fee for re-attendance
Tutor support via telephone/email/online

Course Fee: £1025 (See discount offers and feature benefits here)

NLP Master Practitioner
Duration:  7 Days - online

  • NLP Language patterns including:
  • Cartesian Coordinates
  • Confusion techniques
  • Pattern interrupts
  • Milton and meta model use
  • Time based language
  • Clean Language
  • N step Reframe
  • NLP allergy model
  • NLP modelling
  • Time based techniques
  • Applied Neurological levels
  • Introduction to trance and hypnosis
  • Meta programs
  • Dealing with clients / session planning

This training is suitable for anyone who is currently certified as an NLP practitioner/hypnotherapist.

Assessment: Students will be assessed throughout the course. All students will present a modelling project to the group which will last no longer than 20 minutes. On successful completion of the project, and achieving a 90% pass mark in the exam will be awarded their Master Practitioner of NLP certification.

Course Fee: £1750 (See discount offers and feature benefits here)

Certified Hypnotherapist
This 5 day course will be delivered online. For this reason, the price has been reduced substantially as no live practice or demonstrations are included. These can be purchased at an extra cost if required post Covid.
This is an accredited course. Accreditation is through the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA) and successful students will be eligible to obtain relevant insurance in relation to becoming a practising hypnotherapist.

Successful students will be entitled to attend a "live" Induction training weekend in 2021/2022 when Covid restrictions are relaxed sufficiently to allow classroom delivery, for just £450. (Currently £895 for non students)

To allow students to gain knowledge of hypnotherapy and practical applications of hypnosis, and to set up as a safe, competent and legal practising hypnotherapist.

Course outcomes:
• Understand and experience hypnosis and its application
• Use hypnosis tools and techniques to work with a range of issues
• Understand the barriers to hypnosis
• Overview of the UK Law and hypnosis
• Understand and apply health and safety procedures
• Understand the limits of the certification and competency levels
• Develop and implement Milton pattern language use.
• Create and implement a full client session
• Understand how to create an appropriate client intervention
• Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate methodologies
• Engage in continuous professional development

• Current Health and Safety legislation in relation to holistic therapy
• Insurance and legal requirements
• Environmental and premises considerations
• Understanding the requirements of GDPR
• Safeguarding and vulnerable adult considerations
• Working within competence level and the importance of CPD

Client Interaction
• Initial client consultation structure and content
• Delivering online sessions (Health and safety issues)
• Creating rapport with potential clients
• Explanation of hypnosis and the process of hypnotherapy
• Importance of working within competency limits
• Creating an intervention plan appropriate to the client’s needs
• What level / type of after care and support is available
• Setting appropriate outcomes / intervention methods
• The therapist client relationship (expectations of both)
• Contra- indications (when not to use hypnosis)

Hypnosis techniques
• History of hypnosis
• Erickson, Estabrooks, and Elman methodologies
• Definition of hypnosis and trance
• Difference between stage and clinical hypnosis
• What constitutes a successful hypnotherapist
• The importance of being client focussed and not self-focussed
• Conscious / subconscious disassociation technique
• Stages of hypnosis recognising different levels of trance
• Progressive (Maternal) and Authoritarian(Paternal) approaches.
• Using utilisation - environmental, Internal and verbal examples
• Waking a client from hypnosis safely
• Hypnotic language patterns – creating scripts
• Using suggestibility tests where appropriate.
• Inductions – progressive and rapid.
• Selecting appropriate deepening techniques
• Introduction to metaphors as a key tool in change-work.
• Pre and post suggestions to ensure the clients wellbeing
• Using client resources to effect required changes.
• Awareness of other intervention techniques
• Using ideomotor responses as a communication method
• Dealing with abreactions safely
• Post – hypnotic suggestions

• Both summative and formative assessments throughout the course.
• A final written exam containing 25 questions, duration 3 hrs. (90% pass rate)
• 2 fully documented case studies, 2 with a minimum of 3 sessions (including Consultation)

Course Materials
These may include: (But are not limited to)
• Course Manual
• PowerPoint presentations
• Videos
• Worksheets
• Downloadable documents

Course Fee: £375 (Online training, with an option to attend live training subject to Covid status)

Special Discounts
Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner: Normally £3150  Reduced to £2795
NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner: Normally £2775 Reduced to £2220
NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist: Normally £1375 Reduced to £1250

All discounted packages include:
  • 12 months Free access to any online training
  • Free access to members only website resources
  • Re-attendance to any completed training at 75% discount
  • Userguides and  worksheets
  • Free access to all online video recordings

And not only all of the above but:

Introduce others who sign up at full cost to receive an additional 15% discount on the course fee. All new students are offered this discount opportunity which reduces the course cost  Students may also share the discount with others in order to benefit from reduced cost.
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